13Kawish Resource Center aim as to put together organized efforts to make the education a real priority of the communities in a way that people take its fundamental rights of their children and adults for sustainable development. Community led education promotes grassroots planning and give rise to bottom up planning approaches as a means to focus demand side.

Kawish Resource Center strives to obtain effectiveness and efficiency through steering the departmental efforts and harnessing the interests of local people. Elimination of corporal punishment, child friendly schooling, highly proactive and performing teachers, classrooms where learning could take place in an interactive and learning friendly environment with improved monitoring and support services by the district departments are under the key focuses of the organization.

Child is the center of each activity. Inclusive education is additionally an area to work on. In order to achieve international commitments and contribute to the national efforts, organization is influencing its annual targets with Millennium Development Goals and Education for All goals and focus on improving access, eradicate child labor and promote mainstream education through early childhood education and care, non-formal education, promotion of literacy and vocational and technical educations.