Health & HIV and AIDS



Adolescent is an age of learning and curiosity, a time of building habits and developing principals of life, to give them correct information to live for healthy life. The age 13 to 24 is the most crucial period in the life of human being from which an adolescent and young people passes to enter into the adult world of decision – makers. This period is a major growth of adolescent occurs physically, mentally, psychologically and socially. This period transformed into active and responsible citizen to made the architect of healthy and informed future.

Health Education for Learning and Practice is a program of Kawish Resource Center for the awareness of Reproductive and Sexual Health and prevention and control of HIV and AIDS and sexually transmitted infections and disease with young girls and boys out of schools and school going adolescents, teachers and youth leaders.

Health Education for Learning and Practice programme is bring a change in Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of the young leaders by conducting group discussions, theatre performances, youth seminars, documentaries on youth issues and training workshops by using participatory approaches for their full involvement.

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