Our Team



Asif Sardar is the Executive Director and founder of Kawish Resource Center.
Asif Sardar has organized several workshops on Human Rights related Issues. He aims to work on World Peace, Humanitarian Empowerment for Development, Nation Building and Helping People in Need, to foster dialogue and sharing of resources in international development, conflict resolution, gender mainstreaming, human rights, social entrepreneurship and related fields.

Asif Sardar is Theater artist on Human’s Rights and has been actively involved in raising awareness about crimes against women and children, particularly promoting Interfaith Harmony from the platform of Human First- an NGO working on … Asif sardar expertise and experience further contributes towards highlighting the role of Youth in Pakistani leadership.

He has over 10 years of extensive experience working with UN,various INGOs and Government organisations at national and international level.


nighat_tariq_Nighat Tariq is a women human rights activist, trainer, an artist, founder of several bodies working on women’s rights, improved governance, gender equality and peace and security. In her professional career of 10 years she has managed several projects and programs as a director. Currently, she is working as a Chairperson in Kawish Resource Center whose programs mainly focus on women’s empowerment and youth leadership in peace building.

Nighat has served as a member of the International Peace Committee. She is also member of the ISSAC Youth Network-UK. She is also theater artist .



Yunis Khushi is a lawyer and for the past 27 years has worked in the fields of research, project proposal writing, publications, electronic or print journalism, teaching social sciences, NGOs, public relations, and personnel management, creative writing, poetry, translating, and lecturing, organizational development, counseling, acting, and direction. Yunis Khushi has taught Organizational Development, Development Studies, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Community, Sociology of Communication, Sociology of Religion, social and cultural analysis, Labour Studies, Sociology of Family, Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Development, Human Rights, and Ethics.

He has organized, conducted and attended different topics e.g. Development issues, Communication, Community Problems, Family Issues, Education, Social/Political/Economic/Cultural Analysis, Co-operatives, Adult Education, Health Care, Industrial and Labour issues, Theology, and Social Psychology. Yunis Khushi is currently studying for: Ph.D. in Law and has completed his graduation from the University of Punjab, LL.B. from (Karachi) and Master’s of Science in General Sociology (Manila). He has command on English, Urdu, Punjabi, Saraiki and some knowledge of Sindhi and Persian.