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Become a Volunteer

Kawish Resource Center was started by two volunteers and over the past 08 years has been able to plan, initiate, and implement numerous projects and programs around the country, thanks to the hard work and effort of our field workers, local partner organizations, and volunteers. None of our initiatives would have been possible without the contribution and continued financial support of our donors and the dedicated work of all the volunteers.

Our volunteers are important members of our team, helping us carry out our work and make a difference in the lives of many. Together, we can and have been providing hope and happiness to the poor and the impoverished.  Kawish Resource Center’s growth is attributable to the commitment of our volunteers to the fundamental values of participation, integrity and excellence.

Youth Action Program

KRC’s Youth Action Program is an initiative through which youth groups from the ages of 15-24 are provided with the opportunity to channel their leadership skills as local and global citizens. Youth Action focuses on the creation of advocacy and service delivery projects as well as the contribution to existing ones through local partnerships.

Are you passionate about serving any specific cause that you believe in?  Do you love to work with people and plan events?  Then this program is for you.  Chose your cause, form a group, plan the event for awareness and fundraising and KRC will be with you along every step of the way to help.

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