“Saving one life is like saving the whole of mankind”.  It was a tremendous joy reading a message of gratitude from Shamim Aslam, a literacy student who was raised and educated at our Literacy &  Vocational Training Center, that she is now earning money and raising her family.  How heartwarming it is to know that our efforts are bearing such fruits.  Thanks to your unwavering help and support, Shamim Aslam, is one of the hundreds whose lives have been changed positively.

We continue to face many challenges; more turmoil, and more man-made and natural disasters resulting in massive displacement, destruction, and devastation. In the past few months alone, thousands more Pakistani were forced to flee their home in flash floods and conflict areas. The number of victims is on the rise in many parts of the country, and so is our immense responsibility for us to extend a helping hand to them.  As always, we must consolidate our resources to deal with these challenges and provide the victims hope in times of their despair.

I visited flash-flooded and conflicted areas in the country and heard such heart-wrenching stories from flood affectees, IDPs, and refugees. Once again, women and children are suffering the most; they face inconceivable horror yet their capacity to endure is remarkable. We are operating literacy centers, and skill training centers as well as providing other relief assistance; food, water, medicines, shelters, and hygiene kits.

I applaud the work of our staff, volunteers, and advisory board members as well as our field personnel and partners’ teams, who have been nationally helping the human family at a time when they need it most.

We highly appreciate your resounding support for our work. Without your unrelenting help, generosity, and compassion we would not have been able to accomplish what we have thus far.

Asif Sardar
Executive Director

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